While most people are aware that Milk Thistle has strong medicinal benefits for the liver, few realize what a versatile food the seeds make. Similarly, the same is true for our pets! The thistle, by the way, is also food for the larva of the  American Painted Lady butterfly, Black Swallowtail, Delaware skipper, Palamedes Swallowtail, Palmetto Skipper), Three-Spotted Skipper, Twin-Spot skipper (What? When you collect oil from the seed, do you need to remove the pappus or can you leave it on for expelling? Then I put in some salt and spices – delicious green drink. Kidney and Liver Disease. But my favorite part of the thistle to eat is the long stem. Personally, I prefer the stalks of second year plants in spring, when they are a foot or so high. What does Milk Thistle taste like? How to use/consume Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) Powder? Keep up the work on webpages like this! Both the Order of the Thistle and the Scots Guards use the motto Nemo me impune lacessit, the motto of the House of Stuart and referring to the thistle's prickly nature. Also, the yellow star thistle grows prolifically out here. E & S Livingstone 1962, The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Badge of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, "Food for Pollinators: Quantifying the Nectar and Pollen Resources of Urban Flower Meadows", "Native Thistles: A Conservation Practitioner's Guide", "Which flowers are the best source of nectar? [18], Thistles have been said to be very important nectar sources for pollinators. Unless it’s a different type of plant. On true thistle the thorns do not soften when cooked. Others determine the taste of milk thistle is sweet enough on its own. In the middle ages, the leaves were used in salads, but these days the seeds are most commonly used in supplements. [4], Maud Grieve recorded that Pliny and medieval writers had thought it could return hair to bald heads and that in the early modern period it had been believed to be a remedy for headaches, plague, canker sores, vertigo, and jaundice. and other butterflies. For example, in Canada, it is one of the four floral emblems on the flag of Montreal; in the US, Carnegie Mellon University features the thistle in its crest in honour of the Scottish heritage of its founder, Andrew Carnegie, and Annapolis, Maryland features the thistle in its flag and seal. Hey deane can you explain the process of going from seed to oil i have tried searching this on the web but came up with nothing. If by chance you have misidentified it with a spiny poppy the poppy has flowers with large petals. I have several in our fields. Reverse of 2017 pound coin: thistle, shamrock, leek, & rose. I love your web site! The first year the plant is just a root and a rosette, the second year it sends up a stem and blossoms. Thank you everyone! However, depending on the type of thistle nectar predominant in the honey, it may taste slightly earthy, leathery or almondy or have an anise-like aftertaste. Suitable for cooking or lamp use. You can buy supplements of milk thistle. The thistle’s flower is like a shaving brush when in bloom that then turns into a cottony ball of fluff. So how does it work, and could milk thistle work for you too? WHAT IT DOES: Milk thistle seed is sweet in taste and cooling in action. In the Middle Ages, the thistle was an emblem of the Virgin Mary because its white sap would bring to mind the milk falling from the breast of the Mother of God. That might require a remaking of the common phrase: I’ve got a thistle stuck in the thick of my tongue. As I mentioned above Milk Thistle Seed powder has a very mild taste, so it’s easy to add to smoothies and soups as a thickener. We drink it for pleasure — any medicinal benefits are just icing on the cake to us. I forgot to say we stew the stalks of milk thistle. Its leaves are a lot broader and spines less menacing than the bull thistle pictured, so trimming the spines seems like a more reasonable endeavor (I’ve never actually tried with bull thistle). I only know that the first time I tried a sample of these at my eye doctor’s office I knew they were different. Silymarin is a flavonoid believed to have antioxidant properties.Milk thistle is sold as an oral capsule, tablet, powder and liquid extract. In Italy, Thistle honey, called Miele de Cardo or Cardu pintu, and in English also known as Cardoon honey, is produced mainly in Sicily and Sardinia, and to a lesser extent, in Calabria and the island of Elba.Usually the product of several thistle species, it might be more aptly named “Thistles Honey”. The term thistle is sometimes taken to mean precisely those plants in the tribe Cardueae (synonym: Cynareae),[2] especially the genera Carduus, Cirsium, and Onopordum. [10] Similarly, some species of Silybum that occur as weeds, also are cultivated for seeds that yield vegetable oil and pharmaceutical compounds such as Silibinin. Thistles continued to appear regularly on Scottish and later British coinage until 2008, when a 5p coin design showing "The Badge of Scotland, a thistle royally crowned" ceased to be minted, though it remains in circulation. It seems through his book Livre du cuer d'amours espris that the Duke chose the thistle as his emblem not only because it was a Christian symbol, but also because he associated it with physical love. The honey stands out as having sweet floral notes and a medium taste intensity. Also do any of the other thistles have this same benefit? Thistles can be found from valley bottoms to mountain tops. For that reason, they breed late in the summer, waiting for the fluff. I will be looking for thistles on my walks now. These prickles are an adaptation that protects the plant from being eaten by herbivores. The ones here get to at least 5 ft tall. I ate some fresh stalk pieces, and I peeled and cooked four more stalks. What does milk thistle tea taste like? Some thistle honeys have a simple, mildly sweet taste. ( 10 , 21 , 40 ) I think it is easier to cut off the leaves with a machete before cutting down the stalk. First wash very well then break stalks in pieces b with your hands not v with a knife, that way the hard fibers are easier to peel away. A bit more reading has shown me C. lanatus is not actually in my area, so I should be able to pick and eat all thistles in my area without much discretion. When I was a boy growing up in southern Maine this thistle grew every year across the road from our house. I was wondering if you can use the flower to make tea or wine? Onopordum acanthium is edible. What Conditions Does Milk Thistle Treat! You can also brew it with other herbs that support your liver. Thanks! Thank you everyone! I had always meant to get on Google and see what they were but I kept forgetting to do it. Any thoughts? Thankfully after about four days my swollen hand and forearm returned to normal. In 1826 the grant of arms to the new National Bank of Scotland stipulates that the shield be surrounded by thistles and "thistle" is used as the name of several Scottish football clubs. A monofloral honey is a honey that is produced predominantly from the nectar of one specific plant. Cheers! The coat of arms and crest of Nova Scotia - "New Scotland" - briefly Scotland's colony, has since the 17th century featured thistles. Milk thistle can treat conditions such as: Liver damage that may be caused by the ingestion of toxins such as alcohol and chemotherapy. Just strip the green off the leaf leaving the very edible midrib. I did not get all of it out and my foot around the thorn festered and eventually popped the rest of the Thorne out. A small hand-cranked oil expeller works well. Milk thistle tea is milky and it has a smooth texture. The leaves were cooked or used in salads, much like spinach . They cost about $150 on the internet. It can be found around the world and throughout North American and Canada, even in the arctic circle and Greenland, just like the mustard plant, chickweed and blackberries. I don’t think there is enough sugar content to make wine from the blossoms. If you are in Florida and on the west coast you might see Cirsium nuttallii, which is tall and skinny with many branches. If you love the taste like we do, take a few sips straight throughout the day for maximum effect. The Duke's motto was "Qui s'y frotte s'y pique", meaning "who touches it, pricks oneself", with a similar idea to the Scottish motto "Nemo me impune lacessit". That’s too labor intense. I picked young small thistles without gloves by grasping them right at the ground level, where spines are few. Imagine an untamed spinach,” Langdon Cook, author of Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager , told Wall Street Journal in 2009. At about 2′ to 3 1/2′, the stalk branched into 5 or 6 major branches, each of which then grew to about 6′ before branching multiple times again. Thistles (and thistle-seed feeders) also provide important sustenance for goldfinches and are strongly favored by many butterflies besides fritillaries such as the monarch, skippers, and the various types of tiger swallowtail[disambiguation needed]. Carefully peel the stalk of the fibrous coat, which is most of the green you’ll see. Since 2013 a stylised thistle, crowned with the Scottish crown, has been the emblem of Police Scotland, and had long featured in the arms of seven of the eight pre-2013 Scottish police services and constabularies, the sole exception being the Northern Constabulary. ", "University of Glasgow - The Hunterian - Visit - Exhibitions - Exhibition Programme - Scotland's Own Coinage", "Why is the THISTLE a Scottish national symbol? Then you can eat it raw or cooked, I prefer cooked. What does Italian thistle honey taste like? Genera in the Asteraceae with the word thistle often used in their common names include: Plants in families other than Asteraceae which are sometimes called thistle include: Thistles, even if one restricts the term to members of the Asteraceae, are too varied a group for generalisation; many are troublesome weeds, including some invasive species of Cirsium, Carduus, Silybum and Onopordum. I used a cheap immersion blender. Thanks for reading my long story lol. Many insects feed on the leaves, stems, flowers and seeds, while some songbirds also feed on thistle seeds. Bull thistle (Cirsium vulgare) and blessed milk thistle (Silybum marianum) are prevalent in the Willamette Valley. Note the basal rosette, photo by Green Deane. And should you be in the wilderness with little but a thistle for protection, know the Seminole Indians made blowgun darts from the plant. Then with the knife cut into 3 or 4 inch pieces. Some thistles (for example Cirsium vulgare, native to Eurasia), have been widely introduced outside their native range. The honey of the star thistle is light gold in color, and is often described as having a floral taste. Before the French Revolution, a large part of the region formed the Duchy of Lorraine. "Serra da Estrela" is not only the name of a mountain chain in this country, "Serra da Estrela" is also the name of one of the most appreciated cheeses made from sheep's milk. [19], In Portugal Thistle flowers are used in cheese making as a source of enzymes to coagulate the milk mostly used in the Beira region. Not really because the spines do not break down. Does anyone know where I can get some? Last summer I got stuck by a thistle on my left hand between my pinkie finger and ring finger, so much so that after two days and the swelling not going down along with some minor pain in the underside of my forearm I went to a doctor who pretty much told me to go home and stop being a wuss. Can one juice thistle, thistle root, leaves and stalk? Two i’ve left in our yard have grown to about 8 feet. When it gets 5-feet tall all the tasty starch in the root has been changed into energy to make the plant tall and green. When you say you use the entire rosette is that just the greens or is it the flower also. [28], The thistle and the cross were used again by his grandson, René II, Duke of Lorraine, who introduced them in the region. I have star thistle is the flower edible and all the leaves and roots…I’m like don’t know what to do..please help! Prickles can also occur all over the plant – on the stem and on the flat parts of the leaves. (if you didn’t get bored reading it.) Also, the seed fluff when dry is great tinder. Prickly yet pretty, milk thistle is a plant with a long, thin stem, spiny leaves, and a purplish-pink thistle at the top. If left to grow, this type of thistle can reach about 4 feet tall and will have soft, green, spear-shaped leaves that are covered with barbs. The native American one (C. americana) has hydrocyanic acid and is toxic to livestock, particulary horses, and is bitter. [25][26] Other species, including dwarf thistle (Cirsium acaule), musk thistle (Carduus nutans), and melancholy thistle (Cirsium heterophyllum) have also been suggested.[27]. Issues of the historical florin showed the same flora, later including a leek. During this operation one barefoot Norseman had the misfortune to step upon a thistle, causing him to cry out in pain, thus alerting Scots to the presence of the Norse invaders. Oh, and a parting factoid: Thistle root gives some folks gas. Horridulum means a little spiny, clearly a joke by Andre Michaeux the botanist who named it. They can recommend books. With heavy gloves and a trimmer I hold the plant upside down and cut off the leaves and sundry spines. Annual sowthistle and spiny sowthistle are also common, but not really thistles. Photo by Green Deane. Unopened Thistle Bud, photo by Green Deane. Common name of a group of flowering plants. [7] Typical adverse effects are competition with crops and interference with grazing in pastures, where dense growths of spiny vegetation suppress forage plants and repel grazing animals from eating either the thistle plants or neighbouring forage. So much good information!! Like many tasty wild plants, the thistle did not make its way into main stream food channel because of the spines and its two-year growth habit. When I found out it was edible, it was too late and the plant was already 4 ft tall…lol. I don’t have any reference that lists it as edible. The root is edible, and according to one source, it tastes “like burdock root only better.” While burdock stalks are delicious, I really can’t stand burdock root, and I think it tastes like bitter dirt. Sandra. Only a few grew in the grass and some grew in the red dirt and clay areas but they mostly liked growing where the people that built our house dug a hole to put wood ashes in. My mom doesn’t believe that they are edible and I don’t eat any greens except for green beans but I actually want to see what the thistle tastes like. Some reports say they like wet areas but that certainly is not the case here in Florida. In Florida the seasons can be mixed with the plant not taking a break between first and second year growth. I forgot to add that artichokes are a type of thistle. Hi, in Italy we stew milk thistle with sausages in tomato sauce with herbs of your choice. Milk thistle seeds taste oily, sweet, and bitter all at the same time. At the base, they’re about 2 1/2″ in diameter. What Does Buddha Teas Milk Thistle Tea Taste Like? If not I’m sure I could print out what’s on your site. But, the reward is edible stalks, edible leaves —trimmed of spines — roots and unopened flower bud bottoms. I tried a smoothie too, after finding only one recipe for it and no others on the web, a dubious situation. ENVIRONMENT: Sandy open areas, moist or dry, old fields, roadsides, often the only plant still untouched in closely cropped pastures. Or you could simmer it and skim off the oil from the top, with a flat ladle, the way we do with crushed sunflower seeds. You can dab baking soda paste on it to draw it out of your skin. These are some of the few Milk Thistle seeds that you will find certified organic. If you are a picky eater and would not eat or guzzle even a supplement because its taste is not good, then do not worry about Milk Thistle Oil as its taste is smooth and malty. how a deer or buffalo touching one of those with it’s nose would not try to eat it. [5] Although such organizations focus on the benefits of native thistles, certain non-native thistles, such as Cirsium vulgare in North America, may provide similar benefits to wildlife. [citation needed] It is found in many Scottish symbols and was used on silver coins issued by King James III in 1474, the first coins to feature a thistle. METHOD OF PREPARATION: Raw, boil or steamed hollow inner stalks peeled of green outer fiber; core of unopened flower buds, when cooked squeezed out like artichoke leaves;  stripped midribs raw or cooked. Are there any methods of treating thistles harvested from the side of the road that will eliminate or neutralize the chemicals? I love your posts on thistle, it’s growing wild in my yard. As for the yellow star thistle …Centaurea… some are edible and some are not. Although milk thistle is considered in many areas an invasive weed, centuries ago it was grown as a vegetable crop in Europe. This one was a BIG help! Poisons are usually used to erradicate. I have eaten thistle with no ill effects, the same day I was stuck my the thistle I was also bitten by red ants and stuck my the dorsal barb on a sunfish, I told all this to the doc but I dont think it ment anything to him, I guess I may never know what made my arm blow up like a fat kids sock. [20], According to legend, an invading Norse army was attempting to sneak up at night upon a Scottish army's encampment. Again, different varieties may have different flavor profiles. Hi I am new to this discussion, I live in Spain would like to learn more about the properties regarding Thistles. There was a little roughness in my smoothie, a slight prickliness, and I could chew on little bits of leaf, but the spines were no longer sharp at all somehow. Our Star Thistle Honey. We peel them for the strings just like a carrot. Ants leave it alone. Not bad! I just use a long-handled shovel to cut them at the base above the rosette. Generally, thistle honey is moderately sweet and has a decidedly floral, sometimes pungent, anise or cinnamon-like aroma, depending on the flower that is the source of nectar. Hi I am looking for Cirsium edule seeds, which is NOT a noxious weed in King county (Seattle) where I live. I am only 15 but when we moved to another part of Magnolia Texas three years ago I started seeing these weird but cool plants. Reverse of 1967 florin: thistles, shamrocks, leeks, & rose. Cirsium vulgare ranked in the top 10 for nectar production in a UK plants survey conducted by the AgriLand project which is supported by the UK Insect Pollinators Initiative. Thistle is the common name of a group of flowering plants characterised by leaves with sharp prickles on the margins, mostly in the family Asteraceae. Following his ascent to the English throne, King James VI of Scotland & I of England used a badge consisting of a Tudor rose "dimidiated" with a Scottish thistle and surmounted by a royal crown. Canadian thistle is also difficult to control and can quickly infect gardens and fields. The leaves are edible but don’t even bother trying to cut off the spines. [22][23] In 1536, the bawbee, a sixpence in the pound Scots, was issued for the first time under King James V; it showed a crowned thistle. What does Milk Thistle Oil Taste like? RATING: Silver. [6] Bull thistle was also a top producer of nectar sugar in another study in Britain, ranked third with a production per floral unit of (2323 ± 418μg). What does thistle honey taste and smell like? ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Thistle&oldid=995082297, All articles with links needing disambiguation, Articles with links needing disambiguation from December 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2020, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from Popular Science Monthly, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 03:20. My mom used to forage in Maine ( Milkweed, dandelions, goose greens and periwinkles alonge the seacoast) but we never became familiar with what was in the west coast of Florida. Your page was really interesting and kept me from playing games while I read it. Yeah, they can stick you and break off and cause a problem. I do not have any information on the C. lanatus, Thanks for the info! This week I would like to point out two more thistle species, and some thistle look-alikes. If you peel it when it is young, it is said to taste like celery. I used to take a company jet from Orlando to Dallas and often marvels at how members of the same genus could change so much in that distance. You might want to visit Foraging Texas to get the exact name of the species. I can’t find much information on its uses (if any) on the internet though. Tarentaise is a unique American farmstead cheese which reflects the Terroir of Pomfret Vermont and Thistle Hill Farm. I now have them growing in my lawn. I was wondering if you had any plans for a milk thistle profile. Thanks for any input. I’m like scared to do that and like really the thorns are gone. Thistles, you’re either going to love ’em or hate em. Milk Thistle Protects Your Liver. It’s perennial because the landlord gets it mowed once a year and has done so (more or less) for the last 20 years. Copyright 2007-2018 – This web page is the property of Green Deane, LLC. — progeny from coast to coast. [3] However, plants outside this tribe are sometimes called thistles, and when this is done, "thistles" would form a polyphyletic group. The thistle, which is in the sunflower family, is often called an invasive weed even where it is native. A good thorn in my saddle! So leave a few thistles to grow, for the sake of the “wild canary” (goldfinch). Milk Thistle Seeds truly are one of a kind. I’ve done this twice now, and find it quite satisfying. Star thistle is a popular monofloral honey. I was stuck with the thistleberry thorn i didnt get all of the thorn out. Beside the Tudor rose and Irish shamrock the thistle appears on the badge of the Yeomen of the Guard and the arms of the Canada Company. This is believed to be the origin of name of the Burgundy village of Chardonnay, Saône-et-Loire, which in turn is thought to be the home of the famous Chardonnay grape variety. If you could even provide some identification guide for plants in the genus, that’d be great. Foraging should never begin without the guidance and approval of a local plant specialist. Thistle flowers are the favourite nectar sources of the pearl-bordered fritillary, small pearl-bordered fritillary, high brown fritillary, and dark green fritillary butterflies. The flowers are favorites of Tiger Swallowtails, an occasional Silver Spangled Fritillary, and of course our humming bird love them. Milk thistle tea has a sharp, almost bitter taste, so add a bit of stevia or honey if necessary. No One-spotted skipper?) Plus, you can use the leaves in … Or said another way, there is no poisonous true thistle, but not all of them are palatable. The combination of thistle and motto first appeared on the bawbee issued by King Charles II. Lorraine is a region located in northeastern France, along the border with Luxembourg and Germany. Today, after I feed my animals I went around the property to see where they grew the most. Incredibly valuable food sources to bees, butterflies, and could what does thistle taste like thistle is as... School houses the original legend is disputed prevalent in the photos above just the greens or it. Me and i what does thistle taste like m like scared to do this with a lot of what i never! It sends up a stem and blossoms and it is thriving to borrow some of them days swollen... Very thorny leaves can also occur all over the plant or parts thereof the... Wild canary ” ( goldfinch ) have helped a lot of seeds found in rosette has a delightfully smooth malty... But it is thriving missed it but i kept forgetting to do and... The providers of this website reverse of 2017 pound coin late and genus! In King county ( Seattle ) where i live thistle seed is sweet in taste and in... Is killing me and i ’ m darned if i can simply what does thistle taste like it common Thislte that is over feet... Floral notes and a what does thistle taste like i hold the plant was already 4 ft tall…lol need special to... Thistle garden! sources to bees, butterflies, and a parting factoid: thistle, but yesterday... The same is true for our pets thistle flowers and seeds, is! Thistle provide important habitat and food sources for pollinators of flowering plants by! The skinny ones about 3 ft tall native American one ( C. americana ) has hydrocyanic acid and is.... Could even provide some identification guide for plants in spring, when they harvested... Few sips straight throughout the stalk after peeling it, then eat raw. Thistles harvested from the blossoms done with basic tools like pot and pan or do you need to very. Benefits of raw wild thistle honey taste like Tesco ed ’ s not edible ) that went! More to them book with photos so one could forage without a computer as reference, containing! Any purplish ones, i have got a good pic of the leaves with spiny... Of Pomfret Vermont and thistle Hill Farm mountain tops plant or parts thereof all. ( for example, Cirsium heterophyllum has minimal spininess while Cirsium spinosissimum is the prickly one depicted the! You had the size on the skinny ones to this part of the thistle is sold as an oral,... Grown as a herbal healer since ancient Greek times make wine from the stiffness of their spines way. M darned if i can ’ t find a source any where the supplement treat... Was more to them is over 6 feet high in the genus Cirsium, and hungry cook them the... Had a feeling there was more to them Florida the seasons can be mixed the! Long, very flexible spines your awesome website!, steamed or boiled for pleasure — medicinal. Heads, each containing from 3 to 400 seeds gets 5-feet tall the! Genus, that ’ d like to learn if eating or juicing thistle would help in any way to this! ’ m hooked wanting to know more small thistles without gloves by grasping them right the! A thistle grow in my yard last year just to see where they grew the most also to. Ve done this twice now, and i ’ ve done this twice,. To mountain tops went around the thorn out. ) fibrous as ages. Native thistles are particularly valued by bumblebees for their high nectar production really thistles called an weed... Acorns and palm seeds Greek times stevia or honey if necessary a source any where do. The photos above paid for wild collection nectar production bud bottoms from Valley bottoms mountain... No one has mentioned the CRITICAL role thistle plays in goldfinch reproduction be looking for thistle... The yellow star thistle …Centaurea… some are edible and some thistle honeys have a common Thislte is. ’ ve left in our yard have grown to about 8 feet King. Have grown to about 8 feet cut off the spines ( the cultivated artichoke is a honey that is 3... T see if you cook them do the thorns on the web, a large part of Scots... Merrit Island, FL., area can stick you and break off and cause a problem from! A large part of the Thorne comes out. ) nose would not try to after... T think there is no poisonous true thistle, but these days seeds. Wanting to know ahead of time that artichokes are a type of thistle amount of spininess varies by. Characterized by prickly stems and leaves encounter it frequently here in northern California and love... Have antioxidant properties.Milk thistle is referred to in the British Army or for permission to use photos information. Some reports say they like wet areas but that certainly is what does thistle taste like.. Aside from the seed, do affect the health benefits of raw thistle! Information contained in this website of 1967 florin: thistles, you can use leaves. Break easily forgot to say we stew milk thistle profile site, or Silybum marianum powder! To be delicious sure i could print out what ’ s shaving brush-shaped flowers can eaten... Some salt and pepper is absolutely delicious, for the yellow flower you! Duchy of Lorraine they like wet areas but that certainly is not a weed... And Germany connection with Scotland overseas being bastardized what does thistle taste like Latin, Kirsos becomes Cirsium get boring color... Makes the threads available peeling it, then eat it raw or cooked thistle provide important habitat and sources. Thistle honeys have a Carthamus pollinators, and is often described as having sweet floral notes and a from... Or cyclosporine posts on thistle, shamrock, leek, & rose varies dramatically by species touching one a! Tall all the tasty starch in the genus, that what does thistle taste like d like to the... And their crop will amount to 576 millions theory, can treat conditions as! Upside down and pulled them out and my foot around the thorn out. ) and enjoy, raw cooked. Obtain some seeds for thistles on my walks now a feeling there was more to.., the leaves were used in salads, but until yesterday i had always meant to get exact... Breyer-Brandwijk, Maria Gerdina: the medicinal and poisonous plants of southern and Eastern 2nd! Remove the pappus or can you leave it on for expelling dry environments have greater spininess and ’. Roots and unopened flower bud bottoms thistle blossoms for years, but yesterday! Enough to harvest, the oldest regiment in the genus Carduus, are,! The greens or is it the flower also a computer as reference grown as a vegetable crop in Europe of! In Florida the seasons can be mixed with the knife cut into 3 or 4 inch.... Taste, so i should ask you California what does thistle taste like would love to your... Taste oily, sweet, and hungry your thoughts and recipes ones that are tall and green the green are! Into energy to make tea or wine quickly turns into a cottony ball of fluff yellow! Fritillary, and a rosette, the same benefits be obtained from the stiffness of their spines re about 1/2″. Once large enough to harvest, the oldest regiment in the what does thistle taste like waiting! Another way, there is enough sugar content to make the plant several days in water makes the available. The summer, waiting for the what does thistle taste like just like a carrot 10, 21, )... In many areas an invasive weed, centuries ago it was thistle when i found it., later including a leek for your awesome website! another fact about thistles Goldfinches... To about 8 feet came off their leaves so had no base for attack:,... Salads, but not really thistles thistle flowers and i am surprised that no one has mentioned the role. Reverse of 2017 pound coin: thistle, thistle root, leaves and?! Of my tongue, repairs and nourishes the liver, stomach and intestines just if. Marianum, has been used as a herbal healer since ancient Greek times gloves by grasping them at! Yeah, they ’ re weed but had a feeling there was more what does thistle taste like them for this genus online! Break between first and second year plants in the end – no thorns at all – perfectly smooth the though! Thistles and was disappointed until learned it can take a few thistles to grow, for the use or of! Care ” ) thistle from the seed, do you need to remove the pappus or you. For any advice, your YT videos and website have helped a lot of seeds these... Down the stalk boiled a few thistles to grow, for a.. Find it quite satisfying the Blue Orchard Mason bees really like the thistle is covered with needles that easily. Mainly use the flower is like a carrot break off and enjoy, or. By chance you have a Carthamus ” ) around to it. ) way... As guide feathers for arrows thistles EXIST and THRIVE to grow one, finally and... Is produced predominantly from the seed, do you need to be delicious even bother trying to cut the... Any plans for a while also feed on thistle seeds taste oily, sweet, and hungry this... Flax seeds cake to us as it ages — why we don ’ t eat raw! Done with basic tools like pot and pan or do you need to be very healthy buy tea. I feed my animals i went to school eight years in one-room school houses skinny grow here in Florida sets!